Distributed finance development partner

Enabling financial services
for the digital and machine economy


Bohem makes financial accounts and balances
accessible on a distributed infrastructure,

which enables greenfield evolution,
separate from legacy models and processes,

and provides the finance building block
to the digital and machine (IoT) economy.

Users integrate these financial and payment
services directly with their digital processes,

thereby benefiting from smart contracts, real time
transaction integrity, and maximum automation.

We invite

banks, financial services providers, platform operators, logistic companies and blockchain based ecosystem projects to work with us on this exciting opportunity

Payment on delivery digital escrow solution, integrated with the logistics status of the cargo

Pay per use  automated capturing and billing of usage of machine, vehicle (IoT)

Software-as-a-Service  usage driven billing

Platform finance  platform internal financial/payment network

Supply chain  automate and synchronise financial transactions with status of goods/cargo

Smart ecosystem  synchronise financial transactions with ecosystem transactions, e.g. power grid

Blockchain projects  integrate financial transactions on-chain

Banking-as-a-Service 2.0  provision of services into fintech and digital bank projects

Distributed Finance

A B2B financial services delivery model using distributed ledger technology.


Shared infrastructure as interface and toolkit for firms and projects to integrate financial services into their digital ecosystem.

Commercial bank money and services on the blockchain, leveraging smart contracts.


Programmable USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, available with the benefits of a private distributed ledger, without the need of a cryptocurrency or stablecoin.

Exponential Opportunity

Distributed finance development partner

Building the next generation connection for financial services between banks and ecosystem, platforms, supply chains and financial services industry distributors.

Providing a joint digital operating environment to these connecting parties, with a tailored private shared infrastructure

That allows the parties to fully leverage the benefits of DLT at full regulatory compliance, and without using crypto currencies.

Project leadership

Chris Bruppacher

Chris Bruppacher

Banking and financial industry expert. Technology platform entrepreneur. Strategy consultant and startup coach.

Cédric Walter

Cédric Walter

Founder, CEO at Disruptr.ch, Blockchain developer, CEO tokens-economy.com, Cordalo.ch

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