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Bohem is a project co-sponsored by

The Bohem vision and the BaaS 2.0 concept have their roots in a variety of fintech and challenger bank projects, and is one of our main answers to the question where banking evolves to in the years to come.

The spirit of Bohem is decentralised. As such Bohem runs a network of contributors for different functions and skills. This allows us to line up an optimal face off to your project.

"Google partners with Citi to offer customers checking accounts"

The product will launch in 2020 with Citigroup handling most of the financial and compliance requirements. Customers can access their accounts through the company’s Google Pay app.

American Banker – 13 November 2019

"Goldman Sachs in talks with Amazon to offer small business loans."

The project could go live as soon as March, the FT reported, citing two people familiar with the matter. on.ft.com/3b8PHDJ

Fiancial Time – 3 February 2020

"JPMorgan Has a Plan to Help Amazon and Airbnb Look More Like Banks, ...with e- Wallets"

The bank has spent the last year developing an e-wallet tailored for companies such as Airbnb, Lyft Inc. and Amazon.com Inc. that it says could help online marketplaces and companies in the gig economy defend against getting cut out of the businesses they helped create.

Bloomberg – 6 November 2019

"Walmart wants to patent a stablecoin that looks a lot like Facebook Libra"

Retail giant Walmart has applied for a cryptocurrency patent that bears some similarities to the Libra token proposed by Facebook in mid-June.

CoinDesk – 2 August 2019

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Chris Bruppacher

Chris Bruppacher

Entrepreneur, Leader and Adviser - Financial Industry, Platform, Digital

Cédric Walter

Cédric Walter

Founder, CEO at Disruptr.ch, Blockchain developer, CEO tokens-economy.com, Cordalo.ch