For Banks

Enabling more indirect banking services consumption.

Seamless integration of financial services with ecosystems, platforms, supply chains, and distributors.

BaaS 1.0

Banks make their services digitally available via
APIs, for fintech, repackers, distributors, etc.

BaaS 2.0

Banks make their services available via DLT,
for deeper and more direct integration, into
ecosystems, platforms, supply chains, trade
and all forms of the upcoming machine economy.

Bohem Operating Model

Commercial Bank Money on a Distributed Ledger Infrastructure

  • Digital representation of banked CHF
  • Benefits of DLT / tokens
  • Single client onboarding
  • Cross ecosystem transactions
  • Operational independence from
    • previous technology generation
    • batch processes

bohem for banks

Bohem enables a bank to distribute services digitally using distributed ledger technology. The bank thereby

  • Builds a capability which can operate and transact independent from the bank’s legacy infrastructure
  • Penetrates new client segments and needs, opens new distribution channels and extends its product shelf
  • Actively works with clients and client groups (ecosystems, supply chains) in their effort to digitise
  • Makes a big step towards digital currency readiness, without the need to engage in layered stable coin or crypto currency projects and products.
  • Establishes a capability to compete in the digital evolution and proactively counters upcoming threats in its traditional businesses and client segments.
  • Cut time to market for future products, app integrations and cooperations.
  • Becomes a banking innovation leader. 

Client reach

  • Reach and onboard new clients
  • Extend product shelf
  • New channel of interaction and distribution
  • Client bonding

Product distribution

  • Add additional products via ecosystem
  • Push solutions to corporate clients


  • Launch separate brand (optional)
  • Compete with mobile only banks (indirectly)
  • Deeply connect with non-bank activity
  • Proactively participate in tech evolution
  • Big step towards retail digital currency readiness


  • Development isolated from core/legacy
  • Higher agility towards changes
  • Leveraging the benefits of distributed ledger technology

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