For Ecosystems

Bohem enables firms, platforms, fintechs, supply chains and digital repackers to source banking services directly from the shared infrastructure, with the full benefits of a private blockchain and smart contracts, but without the need to use cryptocurrencies or stablecoins.  The digital banking services can be embedded into their ecosystem and financial services integrated into their digital workflows. Usecases are many, from ecosystem internal transactions between users, to logistics financial services, to machine economy transactions (M2M).

Benefits and features for a platform or ecosystem

  • Toolkit to embed and integrate financial services
  • Add financial services to ecosystem process, such as supply chain, logistics, mobility, as well as M2M transactions of any kind
  • Extension of platform scope, function and user experience
  • Extension of on-platform ticket livecycle
  • Faster expansion and scalability
  • Less dependency to vendors and individual third parties
  • Cost savings (third party payment agents and solutions, automation)
  • Client bonding
  • Multiple opportunities to evolve to

Compliant programmable money

Bohem allow to create a  currency token issued by any regulated bank.

Shared Infrastructure – Benefits and Features

bohem enables ecosystems to add and integrate financial services, allowing ecosystem participants to benefits from an ecosystem internal financial services offering.


Programmable ecosystem money

Programmable Money delivers currencies and financial instruments with new utility and potential value in the trillions of dollars.

Lower Cost and Fees

Lower transaction cost through speed, automation and reduction of reconciliations. Elimination of processing intermediaries and their fees.

Shared single truth

Reduction/elimination of reconciliations and batch processes. Increased transaction integrity.


Instant payment and real time settlement reduces process and counterparty risk.


New cryptographic techniques enable true privacy and anonymity. Ideal for private banking ecosystems.

Commercial bank money becomes your digital and programmable ecosystem money

Money, balances, transactions and financial and insurance instruments can now be expressed as software code and equipped with smart features.

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