Trade / Payment on Delivery

Bohem in Payment on Delivery (PDF)


Many trade partners are forced to settle trades based on trust, trust which they actually don’t have, given experienced
settlement discipline.

  • One party become insolvent
  • Low payment discipline
  • Liquidity locked in account receivables
  • Low trust in counterparty



An automated “payment upon delivery” process, via an escrow account used for transaction settlement between the trade parties. A logistics company can be added for independent cargo status updates.


  • Buyer pays/confirms purchase price with escrow bank
  • Seller initiates shipment of cargo upon confirmation of escrow
  • Confirmation of delivery (hand over) of cargo releases payment to seller
  • The escrow framework can be enhanced with a third party logistics company and different payment methods, e.g. installments
  1. Buyer and seller agree transaction and settlement via Secure Payment on Delivery
  2. A. Buyer pays purchase amount (or installment) into escrow
    B. Escrow service company confirms payment into escrow
  3. Seller initiates delivery of goods/service (e.g. via agreed logistics company)
  4. Buyer or logistics company confirm delivery (hand over)
  5. Escrow service company releases payment to seller

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