Bohem Default Design

High Level

Bohem can use institutionally tested and accepted blockchain solutions, in particular Corda, Hyperledger (Fabric and Indy), and DAML

A reference implementation is currently in development using Corda

  1. Clients A and B run a account relationship with Bank, opened directly or via the ecosystem.
  2. Designated accounts are mapped against the ledger’s Cash Issuer or Twin Master node.
  3. A domain is operated on the ledger by a bank’s Master node. The domain could includenodes from ecosystem operator, and ecosystem operating ledger.
  4. Domain participants (e.g. client A and B) transact with each other, e.g. M2M, utilisingprecoded smart contracts on the ledger.
  5. The atomic settlement achieves finality once all domain relevant participants in the transactionagree and have signed transaction, thereby achieving consensus.
  6. Onledger activity is mapped back into bank core system in regular intervals.

Possible smart functions on ledger:Payment, DeliveryvsPayment (DVP), Escrow, Pledge, Financing, PayablesMgmt, ReceivablesMgmt

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